My research covers both econometric theory and empirical work on industrial organization and auctions; I also have some earlier work in public finance.

Some main themes in my econometric theory work are nonparametric and semiparametric estimation and testing, estimator efficiency, weak identification, testing for various forms of (in)dependence, robust methods, and spatial dependence, often applied in one of my empirical areas of interest. Much of my work in industrial organization relates to competition issues.

My coauthors (in decreasing order of frequency of collaboration) are Sung Jae Jun, Margaret Slade, Haiqing Xu, Yuanyuan Wan, Craig Brett, Lihong Shen, Ken Hendricks, Rob Porter, Guofu Tan, Eric van Damme, Peter Robinson, Sergey Lychagin, Nese Yildiz, and John Van Reenen.

Below you will find a list of working papers and published papers. The published paper links direct you to the paper on the publisher website. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

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